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Swans Aid Grants

Investing In The Community

Priorities for funding

Each football season the SwansAid trustees agree the amount of money they will distribute and set priorities for the use of the funding. The panel has decided that in the 2016/17 season the emphasis will remain on encouraging physical activity amongst children and young people, and disabled people of all ages. 


This season SwansAid is introducing a NEW £5,000 award. This award will go to organisations that are making a concentrated effort to improve opportunities for disabled people to be active. It will be available just once a year, in the Autumn round.

The trustee panel have also realised that for small sports clubs the Autumn round is too late in the season to apply for kit. It has therefore decided to move all kit applications to the Spring round. 

The process 

In season 2016 - 2107 there will be a total of £50,000 available. At the end of the season this figure will be re-assessed, and, based on the income generated by the Lotto and other donations from the public, it may be increased or decreased for subsequent seasons.

The panel will sit for two funding rounds with a total of £25,000 available at each round.

At the Autumn round trustees will make the following awards:

1.One large grant of up to £10,000 

2.One large grant of up to £5,000 for disability / inclusion projects

3.Five small grants of up to £2,000


At the Spring round trustees will make the following awards: 

1.Ten sets of kit to sports organisations

2.One large grant of up to £10,000 

3.Five small grants of up to £2,000 


The timetable

Round one applications open   September 24th 2016
Round one deadline   November 26th 2016
Round one decisions announced   TBC
Round two applications open   TBC
Round two deadline   TBC
Round two decisions announced   TBC

General Guidance

Remember that applying for SwansAid is a competitive process. You should give careful consideration as to whether you apply for an award of up to £2,000, of up to £5,000 or of up to £10,000.

There will be only one award of up to £10,000 at each funding round i.e. twice a year. The £5,000 award is only available in the Autumn round so there will only be one such award per year. This means that there is likely to be a lot of competition for these awards. There will be five awards of £2,000 at each round. 

There is just one application form which can be used to apply for any of these amounts. The difference in your application will be in the amount of detail you are expected to give in your answers to the questions. If you decide to apply in all categories (up to £2,000, up to £5,000 and up to £10,000) then it is essential that you complete three applications forms.

Please use the detailed guidance notes. They are designed to help you complete the forms properly and make strong case for support. The stronger your case the more likely you are to be successful. 

NB All successful applicants will be expected to report to the Community Trust on the progress of their project.  


1.Applications for the large grant of up to £10,000

Download the application form.  Use the guidance notes to support you as you work through the form. At each question you will be required to give detailed information. Indicate that you wish to apply for the large grant by ticking box A at the top of the form.


2.Applications for the disability grant of up to £5,000

Download the application form.  Use the guidance notes to support you as you work through the form. At each question you will be required to give detailed information. Indicate that you wish to apply for the disability grant by ticking box B at the top of the form.


3.Applications for small grants of up to £2,000 

Download the application form. Use the same application form but simplified responses to questions will suffice. Use the guidance notes to support you as you complete the form. Indicate that you wish to apply for the smaller grant by ticking box C at the top of the form.


4.Applications for sets of children and young people’s kit 

Any sport can apply. This is the only element of SwansAid that is not competitive. Ten applications will be picked at random. Download the simple application form. There are guidance notes to support you. Each of the successful applications will receive a set of kit in their own team’s colours. 

Eligible organisations are those which: 

1.Support children and young people (aged 0-18) to become more active. The trustees encourage applications from projects which aim to enable sports participation, but other projects which support children and young people to become more active will also be considered. 

2.Support people (adults and children) with disabilities, and their families to become more active.


•Groups excluded from making applications include political groups, faith groups, and those outside the counties of Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.  SwansAid will not be used to support individuals. 

•Applications from Sports organisations should come from a designated Club representative. Multiple applications from various teams within a Club (e.g. under 10s/ under 12s/ under 14s) will all be deemed ineligible.

•SwansAid cannot be used to provide funding for a role in an organisation, and must only be used for capital purchases. 

•Schools cannot apply to SwansAid. However PTAs may apply if the project is focussed on providing community benefit.

•Organisations that have previously been awarded SwansAid funds should wait three years from their award before applying again. 

NB. The Autumn deadline for applications to this fund is 5pm November 26th 2016. Return applications to the Community Trust at Liberty Stadium, Landore, Swansea SA2 1FA or email to

If you have any queries about eligibility, or any other matters associated with this funding, please email

SwansAid is administered by Swansea City AFC Community Trust
Charity number: 1126933


Applications have closed.