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Swans Academy

Committed To Developing Swansea's Future

Based in the shadow of Liberty Stadium, Swans Academy at Landore is a multi-million pound facility where the next generation of first team players are being developed and produced from age nine to 21.

Our values


Respect is a fundamental part of life in Swansea City AFC, football generates situations of tension that have to be resolved almost instantaneously. There is therefore a need, above rules and standards, for this value to be present in order to guarantee effective relationship between staff, player and parents. 


Effort is a value that can take us to unthinkable heights and lead us to achieve targets and objectives that may at other times appear distant or inaccessible. Effort within our academy is a fundamental principle required to maintain high standards and demonstrate your desire to wear the Swansea City shirt. 


A Growth Mindset will cover a wide dimension of characteristics, but at Swansea City involves self-motivation, desire, a need to learn, focus and ambition. It requires the single mindedness and a mentality to not allow challenges, obstacles and temptations to affect any part of the persons dream to represent Swansea City AFC. 


While the Academies primary function is to develop individuals, playing and existing as part of a team is a component of any players developmental journey, our vision is to create successful teams which in turn develops players winning mentality. 


Humility is a key component of the clubs success, no one individual is bigger than the club, the people within our organisation must defend the core values and principles of the club and at all times show respect for staff, the community, supporters and the opposition. 

Mission Statement

Swansea City AFC’s mission is to become an established and sustainable premier league team that continues to progress year on year. Crucial to our success is our playing identity and style which we recognise is key to future success. The club will be measured on the field, although we also recognise our wider responsibility and impact the club has on its local and wider community. The club works towards self-imposed targets, whilst also aspiring to achieve independently recognised standards. 

The key stakeholders that exist to support Swansea City AFC are primarily our supporters, although on a wider scale we recognise the value of our Schools, local Council, Football Association, Swansea City Community Trust, the Academy and all sponsors who have played an important role in making the club successful and sustainable.

Our Academy mission is to nurture, promote and provide the best possible environment for young players to develop and flourish. We recognise that not all our players will make the transition into Premier League footballers but we have a wider responsibility to ensure we produce young people who are educated, respectful and have the necessary life skills to be successful. Our primary focus is to develop players who are aligned to our clubs playing philosophy, showing flair, creativity and confidence to dominate possession, whilst showing a strong mentality to defending. 

5 Point Philosophy

Our identity is critical in the development of our young players. It is vital that coaches harness belief, confidence and a no fear environment to ensure we can continue to produce players who fit into our playing philosophy. Central to achieving this is to facilitate the player to:

1. Play attractive attacking football, through playing out from the back to find the spare man.

2. Construct play in order to work the ball into attacking situations using progressive possession and individual 1v1 qualities.  

3. Allow players to become independent decision makers within a structured framework and playing style.

4. Press the ball quickly on the transition in advanced areas and use the touchline as a defender and sustain pressure on the opposition.

5. Create a unique spirit where players are nurtured with discipline, work ethic and team spirit and this must be evident in every person at Swansea City Academy.

Swans Academy has a very proud history and tradition of producing some of the best young footballing talent to come out of Wales.

Graduates include Kristian O'Leary, Joe Allen, Ben Davies, Jazz Richards, David Cornell and Josh Sheehan.

Players who join our Academy will start to learn the Swans culture and philosophy of the club that has helped the team grow over the last decade.

Swans Academy is currently at Category Two status but the goal, drive and ambition of the staff, players and everyone at the club is to be one of the best Academy's in the UK and earn Category One status in the near future.

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Contact: 01792 556 500